CNN’s Alternative Facts

In an apparent attempt to prove Trump right about the “dishonest media,” CNN has called the fact that the Secret Service will likely be renting space from Trump, “unprecedented” and echoed the New York Times which editorialized in a “news” article, “a move into the Manhattan high-rise raises questions of taxpayer money going directly to Mr. Trump.”  Really?  Raises question with specifically whom?  The reporter himself apparently.  At least the New York Times conceded at the tail end that this is NOT as unprecedented as CNN is trying to sell.  This has happened before, if not with the president, the vice president which hold the same legal standard.

Landlord Joe Biden will keep collecting rent checks from the agency that protects his life thanks to another contract extension that allows Secret Service agents to continue staying in a cottage on his Delaware property.  The latest extension, signed on May 6, boosts the overall value of the contract to more than $100,000 since the agency first started paying Mr. Biden a few years ago.[…] […]Mr. Biden and his wife reported $19,022 in rental income on their cottage property in their joint tax return for 2013.”  The Washington Times, 2014

Yep, that was a mere 3 years ago…  Say what you will about Trump and his ways, he is doing a wonderful job of bringing out the deep-seated bias in mainstream media.  And CNN seems more than willing to give the people reason to believe Trump when he questions their integrity.  Seems to me, at this time in history, given the Trump allegations (allegations by the President of the United States), the media would want to do everything they can to go back to being simple reporters, reporting the facts.  Remember; who, what, where, when, why and how told through the statements of sources, rather than by the opinions of reporters?