Media Vs Trump Vs Media

I didn’t vote for Trump.  This is no secret.  I also didn’t vote for Clinton.  This is even less of a secret.  I voted for Johnson in hopes that others would join me and at minimum deny a majority in the electoral college, forcing Congress to decide our next president.  That said, I understand that what I wanted, didn’t happen and Trump is now our president.  Does this make me happy?  No!  But unlike many, as a supporter of democracy, I accept it.  As such, just as with every president before Trump, I will support him when he is right and oppose him when he is wrong.  For me, this is the only truly moral thing to do.

 Unfortunately, I feel that there are far too many that are being 100% anti-Trump.  The media has been the worst.  I literally cannot remember a single day where there hasn’t been at least 1 major criticism of Trump in the media.  On a slow day, I imagine they would criticize the man for not having socks on that don’t match his tie.  And they would parade across our screens expert after expert explain how his fashion choices show how unstable and dangerous Trump is.  When I see this level of propaganda against our elected president I can’t help but see it as more than just petty, but purely un-American.  Way more than any amount of Russian advertising on Facebook during the election, the American Left and its beholden media-wing are attempting to undermine our Democracy. 

The most ironic part of all this is the fact that it is obvious how this constant barrage of anti-Trump propaganda has a negative effect on the decision making of this president.  He has been placed under what is arguably the most extreme amount of stress of any modern president and he is arguably the least capable of dealing with it.  So, what then is the end game?  If you argue that he is dangerous and his holding the most powerful position in the world is a nightmare waiting to happen, then why do you keep poking him with sticks.  This then would be akin to daring a cornered, deranged gunman to go ahead and open fire on the crowd.  Heck, this is a double-dog-dare.  If you really fear his mental stability, as you claim, wouldn’t it be best to tone down the rhetoric?  You are all guilty of pretty much the same thing that you complain about him doing with North Korea, are you not?

 So to be clear…  If you are part of this constant anti-Trump campaign, and things do go south, you will carry much of the guilt for making it happen.