So… Maybe I Was Too Hard On Dems

I think I have been a little too hard of Democrats lately.  Especially all the ladies  that went out protesting yesterday.  But they kind-of deserve it and I only do it from a place of love.  I want Democrats everywhere to seriously take stock.  Take off the tribal blinders and ask yourself if you are following your principals or just dutifully opposing the common liberal enemy, Republicans.   Minions!  Most of you know that I left the Democratic Party in the 90s when Democrat leaders (along with most of my fellow Democrats) began a full-on assault against the women that Bill Clinton had either raped or sexually abused.  We have more evidence of these crimes than we do for Man Made Global Warming/Climate Change, yet you all sat there in denial over it.  Rape Deniers!  I was sick!  And so, you could say I have become a little biased over the years.  While I am not a Republican, this bias does tend to cause me to hold Democrats to a higher standard. 

That said, (and I can’t believe I am going to say this) I agree with Michael Moore when he said that Democrats need to throw out the Democratic leadership.  Noticed not a lot of claps during that part of his speech at on of the women’s rally.  See this as the punishment for their crimes against women back in the 90s.  Also, you all need to get rid of the that stupid Super Delegate System.  If you are pissed about the Electoral College, the Politburo system used by Democrats to pick a nominee on your behalf (because they think you are too stupid to do it properly) should make your head explode and make you shit your pants.  See…  this is what I am talking about.  Be consistent in your beliefs and ideals.  If you oppose Trump for what he said about women and about what he does to women, then lose your shit over Clinton holding a woman down, biting her lip and sticking his penis in her against her will.  TOO CRASS?  Well I am sorry.   

This is not a time for weak, snowflake discussions.  Though I imagine many of you are already figuring this out.  You currently are on track to actually lose ground in Congress in the mid-terms just 2 short years away.  Have you seen how many Democrats are up for re-election in areas won by Trump?  And conversely how few Republicans are at risk?  Stop and think.  For the last 8 years you have lost control of most state legislatures, governorships, both houses of Congress, the White House and the SCOTUS will likely go way conservative in the next 4 years.  And so no…  this all is NOT case of the loss being cause by Russians releasing emails (which only made voters more informed by the way).  The nation continues to turn against you!  No, seriously….  It’s true!  Doesn’t matter one bit that Hillary won the popular vote.  Statistically Hillary was already guaranteed to get beat by every Republican candidate beside Trump and then she even lost to him!  Now that says something.  You need new ideas and new leadership not excuses.  And most of all, you need to set down the tribal drums and start being consistent in your beliefs.  Bet none of you noticed that all the war protests suddenly stopped the moment Obama took office, yet the wars continue and he dropped more bombs than Bush ever did.  And let’s not even mention that all these BLM protests and riots are occurring in areas run exclusively by Democrats for generations now.  Their not losing their shit in Utah now are they?

Now why do I say all this as an independent?  Because I want to live in a just world.  One where criminals like the Clintons don’t get off after committing terrible crimes just because they are politically powerful and one where a single party doesn’t run EVERYTHING!  Completion is ALWAYS a good thing.

Hope you all had a fun in D.C. getting angry.  Now get to work!  Take back your party!

Rant Done!