CNN Refuses to Cover White House Briefings

 So now CNN is worried about becoming “complicit” by simply showing up to report what the White House has to say?  They essentially claim that the White House isn’t being truthful and therefore they won’t cover it.  Seems to me that this is NOT a policy they hold concerning other politicians otherwise they’d essentially have no political reporting at all.  Also, it seems to me that it is exactly when politicians are lying that they need to be covered most.  CNN has outwardly revealed that Trump’s position about the bias at CNN has some credibility, regardless of whether they have been dishonest. 

CNN has become a part of the news rather than just reporting it.  Of course, we knew this the moment most of their air time became dedicated to the opinions of talking heads rather than actual reporting (without the barrage of colorful adjectives).  The irony here is that the White House no longer needs traditional media.  Why deal with the likes of CNN when you can go straight to the people without the filter?  I think many politicians are going to begin adopting this new model.  Ultimately, CNN needs Trump to stay in business while Trump doesn’t need CNN.